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About Us

Oratus Enterprise is a business assistance company. We assist companies by implementing simple systems that speed up the efficiency of your business.

Based in the UK we have a skilled team of professionals on hand to assist our clients with the time consuming tasks that they face day to day.

We specialise in delivering training, creating educational resources for workplaces and developing super efficient, innovative and simple strategies for organisational growth and development.

Oratus Enterprise Limited.


Our services are simple, how we implement them is complicated, but you will never have to worry about that because we will organise everything from consultation to implementation, training and review. Below are the current services we offer, if you would like to know more or feel you need a bespoke service contact us.

Training & Workshops

A unique range of applied training modules, immersing your team in creative & alternative methods of learning. Suited to all styles of learning.

Educational Resources

Innovative, bespoke educational resources developed to support organisations with learning on cultural, environmental and technological issues that impact the workforce.

Business Support

We will carefully craft business strategies & man powered solutions to assist any business requirements, local or international.



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News & Updates

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  • I was worried about leaving my business to be managed by a british based company when all our head offices are in India. I trusted Oratus Enterprise to manage our calls and help with sales for my Hotel. We now receive a lot more British Holiday makers to our resorts. They have told me that they only booked with us because they where able to have a representative in their home country. A virtual office system like Oratus Enterprise has been great for my business.

    Syreeta Singh

    CEO - Anonymous

  • Great service guys, really appreciate the level of professionalism and constant support to go above and beyond for my business. Looking forward to the expansion, which will mean larger then average hot desk space and plenty more private rooms. I think that it is great that with Oratus enterprise you can select your style of meeting room and it will be ready for you when you arrive to hot desk. It gives a real personal touch and allows my clients meeting me at your locations to feel more secure and comfortable because my business presence is visible rather then only virtual. I love being part of Oratus Enterprise.

    Micheal Adebowa

    Owner - Anonymous

  • Oratus Enterprise have been great managing my marketing and administrative tasks. I have a medium size construction company and have bought the highest level of combination package that Oratus offers. At first I was worried about outsourcing a large amount of the work I needed for my business but I have not looked back since. A lot less hassle and I never have to worry about invoices not being sent out on time or bother with managing social media.

    Gregory Sullivan

    Manager - Anonymous

  • Only used Oratus once for some business consultancy, I did the research and for what they were offering at the time I thought I would give them a go. My Consultant Ken (business/finance) really helped me put things into perspective and put a plan in place. Sometimes you ned a little encouragement.

    Callum Hemptry

    Entrepreneur - Anonymous

  • Very reliable, very knowledgeable, great company. I will definitely continue to use Oratus Enterprise to manage my marketing.

    Eamon Christakos

    Principal - Manor School


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