The CardsOnTap mobile application has been analysed by over 40 users from varied fields and professions 50% of whom none of our team have ever met. We are extremely happy to say that all of the 40 Beta Testers have given the mobile application the thumbs up. We have had a lot of feedback on the cosmetics and are working tirelessly to improve them, we have even hired a designer (welcome Emile). We have also had a lot of feedback on expansion ideas for the application and although we will not be able to expand too much on the features of the application at the moment, we have taken the suggestions on board and are very excited that people can already see the potential that this application has. Other things that have stood out is the ease of the application, ability to personalise business cards and exclusively the potential to increase sales via the use of our app. A feature which has really excited testers.

So next, its the alpha testing which we hope to commence soon. Keep coming back to our website for more information and follow us through our mobile application journey