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Welcome to the February edition of Oratus Monthly, a breakdown of must haves and got to knows for the month.

We aim to compliment the modern professional with insider knowledge on the current trends,

without the long tedious and repetitive descriptions. Simply what you need to know, quick and clear.

When time is not enough…

Android Wear 2.0


Goggle will be rolling out their long awaited software that will include advanced fitness tracking, navigation adjustment ( allowing you to alter the way you view the software e.g if your using it on a round device rather then square), more ways to respond to messages, iOS support (enabling you to pair with an iPhone), Android Pay and Google Assistant built in. Initially we will be able to see Android 2.0 used with LG Style and LG Sport but a long list of other watches will support the software

phased release dates 8 - 15 Feb 2017


Jo Malone

Bold & British…

Sometimes there are fragrances that don’t make it into the top 15 charts even though they smell amazing. These fragrances we call hidden gems, and this month we bring you a name with many fragrances. In the UK it is the month of St Valentine, and we thought it would only be fitting to tell you about House of frasers Jo Malone collection boxes. These small boxes hold a collection of 6 fragrances our favourite being wood sage and sea salt (but the most popular being oud and Bergamot or Noir) If you want to spice up your Cologne collection try this bold British range.

Price Range £72 - £78


Nintendo Switch

Retro gaming for the modern gamer…

We will definitely be supporting the Nintendo Switch even though they have disappointingly said it will not have a web browser and video streaming capabilities. This may not sound like a problem but most of us where hoping to be able to use it instead of our tablets. We do understand the need for it to be just a console (actually we don’t). Anyway this is such an iconic and generational console that we simply will have to purchase it. PLUS have you seen how many ways you can play the Nintendo Switch?

Due to release 3rd March 2017



Here In the UK,

Undeniably McLaren make some of the most tantalising, artistic, elegant and most expensive cars in the world. Well their sistering sports division McLaren Automotive have signed a deal to build a major part of their £50m supercars right here in the UK (Sheffield). Not only will this provide an estimated 200 jobs but will also allow apprentices the chance to work with some of the most modern technology and finest materials. THIS IS VERY EXCITING NEWS in the grand scheme of things.


Samsung S8

Hopefully this one is COOL!

Samsung are due to release their S8 model this year, and as they usually release their new modes in Feb/March, we expect this release to be soon.

We can all agree that Samsung will have to pull out the stops after their ‘explosive’ release last year. So, here is what we could expect - More screen, Bixby their AI who may speak up to 8 languages (thats more then Googles AI), no home button, fInger print on the back and dual curves.

Release: TBC (Suggestions say March 2017)


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